Sustainability at GEM

For Human + Planetary Health

Our Philosophy

To us, human and planetary health are interconnected — it's impossible to achieve one without the other. Our products are food-first, plant-based, and minimally processed. Our packaging system is designed to eliminate single-use plastics and use recyclable, compostable, and reusable containers to reduce our footprint for sustainable self-health. And with a focus on algae, we support a carbon-neutral, eco-positive food system.

Ingredients You Can Trust

When choosing ingredients, we take a multifaceted approach that considers both human and planetary health. We proudly use non-GMO, organic, and sustainably sourced real food ingredients to promote kaleidoscopic health.

The “Why” Behind Algae

At 3.5 billion years old, algae is earth’s oldest and arguably most vital inhabitant. It is a source of unparalleled nourishment: 1 gram of algae = the nutritional density of 1 kilogram of fruits & vegetables. It also has a remarkable environmental impact: algae produces 50% of the world's oxygen + can grow more abundantly than traditional land crops with minimal resources. Algae is the carbon negative future of "food is medicine" and a staple in all of our GEM bites.

The Power of Plant-Based

If we’ve learned anything from algae, it’s that plants can nourish both our bodies and the planet. Animal products use vastly more finite resources, such as land, water, and feed, and emit harmful greenhouse gases. By taking a plant-forward approach, we’re minimizing our impact while also nourishing ourselves with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other supernutrients that plants provide.

Sustainable Practices

Agricultural methods vary when it comes to their environmental impact. Modern-day practices have become highly industrialized, relying on the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics. What once began as a symbiotic partnership with the land has resulted in depleted ecosystems. GEM pledges to support eco-friendly practices by sourcing organic whenever possible and purchasing from sustainable farms.

Meet our Sustainable Packaging

Designed to help you refill without the landfill

Certifications: Made of Polylactic Acid (PLA), a bioplastic sourced from plants. Unlike plastics from refining crude oil which harm the environment, PLA is biodegradable.

What You Can Do: Hold onto your container so you can refill it! If you’re ready to get rid of it: (1) Rinse to remove any leftover food. (2) Find a place to compost near you.

Certifications: Made from Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Film.

( 1 ) Recyclable plastic materials are used by consumers.
( 2 ) These plastics are recycled + diverted from landfills.
( 3 ) They’re then converted into useable resins, producing PCR films.
( 4 ) These films are then used to make our weekly packs!

Partner: EcoEnclose

Certifications: Made in the USA with 50.27% recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste and fully recyclable!

What You Can Do: Our mailers feature a tear-strip and dual peel-and-seal so you can reuse them. Recyclable at store drop-off or curbside services that take grocery bags.

Partner: Givr Packaging

Certifications: 100% recyclable and made from recyclable materials whenever possible. Givr also works with various tree-planting organizations to help fight deforestation.

What You Can Do: Reuse or recycle.

Ready to Nourish Differently?