‎A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

carlaheadCarla DeSantis Black is an acclaimed and certified music industry, life and career strategist. As the founder of MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women) and ROCKRGRL Magazine, she specializes in strategies and solutions for female musicians and other creative individuals, ensuring that aspiring artists achieve their greatest potential at each and every stage of their career.

She mentors artists of all ages, experience levels and musical genres to eliminate roadblocks – both real and imaginary.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Most people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75.” Hiring a professional can be the key to making your dreams come true so you can live your passion!

After 20 years interviewing and working with artists at all levels, Carla has uncovered the traits all successful people have in common. Now she’s sharing her discoveries, individualizing a personalized plan for each client and achieving incredible results. 

Whether you book a single session or work with Carla on an ongoing weekly basis, her unique, practical and light-hearted coaching method will help you unlock your true artistic vision, become fearless about your music career and eliminate the anxiety and mental blocks that have gotten in your way. 


“Carla’s keen sense of the industry and what works for artists makes her style and advice timely and timeless.” – Emily 

“She helped me peel away the onion of fear. Together we got to the core issues I was afraid to confront. I am so grateful for her help and only wish I had contacted her sooner.” – Beth 

“Carla is your best girlfriend in rock! She helped me see what I’ve got and how to make sure everyone else sees it too.”  - Karen

“I felt the fog lift in our very first session. Her approach is nothing short of miraculous!” – Chris 

“Carla really cares. I am now getting gigs I never thought I’d get and my fan base has doubled since I hired her as my coach. I’m finally making money! I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Susan 

Nobody gets there alone! For a limited time, Carla is offering an initial consultation for only $50.

Sessions are held by phone or Skype and 100% confidential. Start living your life on your own terms. Sign up for an introductory session with Carla today!

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